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The road to your personal vintage road bike

even though we sell some of our beloved and collectible bikes, there are special wishes for brands, models, sizes or colors that we don’t carry ourself.

However, with our large international network of collectors and lovers, we can find your specific classic road bike.

It is always important to determine the correct frame size. A so-called bike fitting as it is offered nowadays in many specialist shops is in this case not necessary or simply too much of the good. Nevertheless, the bike should fit.
For this reason we use the calculation for racing bikes, which has been tried and tested over decades and is now standardized:
Step length x 0.665 gives the frame height in cm from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the horizontal top tube (c-t).
But even if we have measured the correct height, it may be that the horizontal length of the bike is too short or too long, or the owner wants to ride in a more sporty or comfortable way. In this case a slightly longer or shorter stem can be used.

After all, the new bike should fit you perfectly.

Please measure your frame height with the instructions and calculator underneath the search request form.

For the calculation of the correct frame size we need your inseam (inner step length) and – just to be sure – your body height.
The inseam (inner step length) will be multiplied by 0,665 to get a theoretical value in cm.

How to measure:

  • Take off your shoes. Depending on how your trousers are cut, it influences the measuring result too strongly – it´s better to take them off too.
  • Take a spirit level (alternatively a book or ruler) and pull this upwards and horizontally between your legs. Position yourselvs to a door or wall, and make sure that your “measuring instrument” is exactly parallel to the ground.
  • IMPORTANT: Measure completely on top. Perhaps a second person can assist you on reading the measuring result.

The value which you have determined is your step length (step height).



To calculate your required frame size, please enter your measured step length below.


Note: The result is related to german measuring, mostly characterized as “frame/seat tube height (c-t)”
Is the theoretical value between two numbers, the following principle can be applied:

  • for competition-oriented biking use the smaller size.
  • for sporty biking rather the bigger size.


In addition the following table may be used to roughly determine the frame size:

Body size frame height (c-t)
155 - 165 cm 48 - 51 cm
165 - 170 cm 51 - 53 cm
170 - 175 cm 53 - 55 cm
175 - 180 cm 55 - 57 cm
180 - 185 cm 57 - 60 cm
185 - 190 cm 60 - 62 cm
190 - 195 cm 62 - 64 cm
195 - 200 cm 64 - made-to-measure

All above are approximate values.