Classic Cycling Events

Classic Cycling & Exhibition Events in 2018



Date Event / Link City Country
April, 29th  
Kirschblüten Radklassik Elferding Austria
April, 29th
Stalen Ros 
April, 29th
Velo Classico Braunschweig Germany
May, 13th La Ducale Ciclostorica Vigevano Italy
May, 27th - 28th Eroica Montalcino Montacilno Italy
May, 27th Eroica Japan Fujikawaguchiko Japan
June, 2nd-3rd La Medicea Carmignano Italy
June, 2nd-3rd
Eroica Hispania Cenicero Spain
June, 3rd Tour Classic Cambridgeshire UK
June, 9th -10th Retro Ronde Oudenaarde Belgium
June, 9th -10th
In Velo Verita Retz Austria
June, 14th-17th
Concour de Machine Bruniquel France
June, 15th-17th Eroica Britannia Friden Grange UK
June, 16th Velowino Weinheim Germany
June, 22nd-24th Velo Anjou Vintage Saumur France
June, 29th-July, 1st Eroica Limburg Limburg Netherlands
July, 7th La Moserissma Trento Italy
July, 14th Tour d'Alba Schwarzach Austria
July, 21st-22nd Classic Cycle Circus Baiersbronn Germany
July, 21st Nostalrad Zell am See Austria
August, 18th Hallzig-Historica Panitzsch Germany
August, 18th Classic Vintage Cycling St. Johann Austria
August, 25th Eroica Germania Rheingau Germany
August, 25th-26th Bergkönig Gstaad Switzerland
September, 2nd
Radklassiker Tour (RTF)
Ludwigshafen Germany
September, 3rd
Pfälzer Radklassiker-Treff
Ludwigshafen Germany
September, 15th Styroica Vogau Austria
September, 15th-16th Velo Classico Ludwigslust Germany
September, 15th Tretro Sinsheim Germany
September, 21st-23rd La Francescana Umbrien Italy
October, 7th L'Eroica Gaiole Italy
October, 14th L'mperiale Rome Italy
October, 19th-21st Classic GPCC
Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid)


If you know of some more events, please don´t hesitate to let us know and we will publish them on this list.